Concierge Service
Hi! My name's Jerry La Montagne. I'm the CEO & President of Back Nine Group.  I want to invite you to have a look at what our new Conçierge Service can do for you and your business or group. 
We are a promotional branding products provider. We've been at this for over 35 years. We kinda know who the most trusted manufacturers are and who the most reliable supplies are for things like calendars, hats, shirts, coffee mugs, golf balls, tote bags, backpacks, coolers and literally thousands of other products that will help you to promote your business ... your brand.

Take advantage of Back Nine Group's Concierge Service and experience how we will help your business or group purchase all your promotional branding products    ••••••••

At Cost! No Commission! No Markup!

We can show you how to reduce your branding budget by as much as 30% to 40% without changing a thing; just who orders your products for you.

Go ahead ..... Compare Our Rates!     Why Pay More?

I invite you to take the all new Conçierge for
a test drive and see how it feels.



What Is It?
Conçierge is a subscription based buying service. For a subscription fee, we will do all the reseaching of promotional branding products for you. We will purchase the branding products you want. We can assist with the imprint graphics design if necessary (hourly rate applies). Of course, you still have to pay for these products but, rather than paying at a 35% - 50% markup, you get these products "AT COST". This can save you as much as 30%-40% or more each year.
You could consider us your purchasing manager's assistant; specializing in branding products. Why Pay More?

How Does It Work?
We automatically charge your credit card the current month rate OR you can choose saving a bit with an annual payment. You then can buy all your promotional branding products At Cost! No Commission! No Markup! ... Why Pay More?
These cost prices are published on our website along with the manufacturer's suggested retail price, Back Nine Group everyday rate and, our cost ... your Concierge rate.
All purchase orders including any setup charges, freight and taxes (if required) are to be prepaid

CANCEL ANY TIME! Should you discover that the membership is not suited to your needs, simply cancel.
We will then have all your credit card information deleted from the secure server.
If you've been on our monthly program, you can cancel at any time. We will recalculate any purchases you've made in the membership year to date and revise the invoices based on the published Back Nine Rate at the time of purchase We invoice you for the difference. That's only fair isn't it?
You have nothing to lose.

JUST A NOTE! No sharing is allowed. All orders must be for your business only, with only your company logo/name on the item. You can't buy for your friend's business.

What Does It Cost?
Subscription Rate: $600/yr or $55/mo

Item Quantity Retail Cost Net Cost Total Retail Total Net Cost
Golf Shirts 48 $40.00 $25.00 $1920.00 $1200.00
Hats 288 $7.50 $4.50 $2100.00 $1296.00
Calendars 250 $1.25 $0.75 $312.50 $187.50
TOTALS       $4332.50 $2683.50
ANNUAL SAVINGS         $1649.00
SUBSCRIPTION RATE         $600.00
NET ANNUAL SAVINGS         $1049.00
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